Sadly the default wording of permissions can't be changed in Google Chrome and Facebook. They're too vague in our opinion to accurately describe what you agree to.

Google Chrome

When you install the extension from the Chrome web store it will ask for the following permissions:

  1. Read and change your data on all sites.
  2. Read your browsing history. 

The first permission is needed to parse the page names from Facebook Audience Insights (read) and insert the target Emojis into the html of the page (change).

The second permission is needed to access session storage to save the Emojis also when you click on "See more".


The extension requires you to connect your Facebook account. It will ask for the minimum permission which includes name, profile picture and email address. It doesn't use any of these.

Still the permission is needed to be able to request your API user token - it needs this to use the Facebook Marketing API.

You need to use your own API token, because Facebook rate limits the number of API requests per user.