Click here to download and install the Chrome extension  

IMPORTANT: Facebook has migrated Facebook Audience Insights to the brand new Business Suite insights interface. We're still waiting for Facebook to complete this project, to be able to adjust our browser extension to it. My apologies for the inconvenience.

Read the full story on our blog:


If you've installed the Chrome extension and it doesn't work - these are the things to check:

  1. Are you logged-in to an active InterestExplorer account, through the extension dropdown?
  2. Are you logged-in to Facebook, through the extension dropdown?
  3. Are you on the Page Likes tab in Facebook Audience Insights?
  4. Did you "hard refresh" the page at least once?
  5. Do you have "adblocker" type extensions installed that block Javascript (might conflict).

If you followed the steps mentioned above without success, the next step is to uninstall and then re-install the Chrome extension. First remove it from your browser by right-clicking on it and choosing "Remove from Chrome". Then remove the permissions our app has in your Facebook account. Then follow the link in the InterestExplorer navigation menu (located at the top of the website) to re-install the extension again.

These steps are demonstrated in the video embedded below:

NOTE: the video doesn't have sound. 

If after these steps you still don't see Emojis, please reach out to support including a screen video of the steps described above - this will help us troubleshoot better. In 99% of the cases the above steps fix the local issue you might be having, we also recommend to try it on a second device if you have that option.