Effective for all purchases made on or after: October 7, 2019

If you purchase InterestExplorer, you'll have to explicitly accept our terms and conditions, which includes our refund policy. Our terms and conditions and our refund policy are linked on all our website and checkout pages and it's up to you to do your due diligence before making a purchase. We also state on our pricing page that action needs to be taken in order to get a refund, by stating: "If you use our software and DON'T get the results you were looking for, we'll refund your full purchase amount. If you feel you can't get it to work for you within 30 days and you have made an honest effort to use the product, just contact us to get a full refund".

We have this "action-based" policy in place to stop piracy and abuse of our products.  

Finally we are not responsible if you purchase our products without looking at our terms. Our products can't be purchased unless you've explicitly ticked the checkbox to to our terms.

InterestExplorer comes with a money back guarantee, provided you have used our product and didn't see results.

If you have any problems you must first make an honest attempt to ask for help in a support ticket.

To get a refund, you must:

1. Request a refund by creating a ticket through our support center within 30 days after your purchase.

2. Proof that you have used InterestExplorer in at least one active Facebook campaign.

3. Proof that you have asked for help in a support ticket if you are running into any problems.

3. Clearly state your reason for requesting a refund.

4. Submit your receipt to support, so we can find your purchase information to initiate the refund.

*If you do not create a support ticket following the instructions above and instead file a dispute with Paypal / Stripe then you will not receive a refund. Our 30-day money back guarantee is only valid if you submit the requested information within 30 days and don't file a dispute within Paypal.

Note: This article will be updated from time to time. Changes will take effect immediately.