Our Chrome extension runs in Facebook Audience Insights to highlight targetable interests in the list of Page Likes.

Recently Facebook has started showing a notification inside the Facebook Audience Insights dashboard that says "Audience Insights is going away soon". Starting July 1st, 2021 it will be replaced by Facebook Business Suite Insights.

As you can read here Facebook Business Suite Insights is a new tool that allows you to access your audience insights across Facebook and Instragram. These will still include: page likes and interests.

Recently Facebook also started redirecting some users to this new version of Audience Insights, while it's still in development to be launched on July 1st. This new version doesn't include all functionality of the current version yet.

Luckily users can still opt out of this new version and use the current version until July 1st. 

How to opt out of the new version of Audience Insights?

When Facebook redirects you to the new version of Audience Insights, you can click on the purple "Opt Out" badge and then click on the blue button to return to the current version of Audience Insights.

What will happen after July 1st?

At this moment the new version of Audience Insights is still in development and it doesn't include all functionality yet. For example the Page Likes and Interests sections are still to be added. As soon as these come available to the public, we'll make the necessary changes to our Chrome extension and deploy a new version to be used in Facebook Business Suite Insights.